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The WUF Project

the smile exchange program

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the smile exchange program | Here's how it works. You purchase two stickers, whatever colors you choose. You can keep them both and maybe give one to a friend, or you can give that second one to us. We'll pass it on to someone who needs to smile that day. It could be a random person on the street, a neighbor, someone at a food pantry, and the list goes on. Whatever happens, you're making someone smile, and that's the goal.

Our vinyl stickers are durable and weatherproof, but you should probably keep your pup from chewing on them. Add a pop of color to your day by placing these stickers on your laptop, car bumper, water bottle, and more.

As part of our brand initiative, 100% of the profits from your order will go to Operation Smile to provide safe surgeries for children with cleft conditions. Learn more at